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We believe that life is a series of special moments, everything we encounter adds to who we are. The lucky ones are the ones that can capture these moments forever and ever to stop them from fading away!

Take us to your world, give us that moment and we'll memorize it for you!

For more information on Geoton Photo services, and to see our Digital Albums of beautiful wedding pictures, book an appointment to meet with us for a consultation.

We have experience photographing many Indian weddings in Northern California and Florida. We are very much familiar and experienced with Indian wedding traditions, photographing Vanthana, Sangeet, Milni and other Hindu and Sikh ceremonies of Southern and Northern Indian Traditions.

Our main photographers George and Tony are a true team of photographic fine artists. In the past several years, they have been acquiring experience taking many Indian wedding pictures; and once given the opportunity to try Indian Wedding Photography, George and Tony had the strong desire to photograph more and more Indian weddings.

Indian Wedding pictures have a great potential for beauty, especially considering the bright colors typically found at many Indian Weddings.

Please click here to see our Indian Wedding Photo Gallery.

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