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By combining two different wedding styles, Traditional and Photojournalistic, yet keeping everything natural, we are creating art-like portraits and wedding albums which have a scenic quality, are emotionally charged and have a natural look with an artistic impression.

The Traditional Style includes all of the wedding images you have come to expect in a traditional wedding album, including portraits of the Bride and Groom individually, together and with family members, as well as the traditional happenings of your day.

The Photojournalistic style is a more real style of wedding photography and is available in either artistic black & white or natural color. It includes unposed, spontaneous photographs during the wedding day. We offer a combination of the two styles merged to your personal tastes.

Our wedding photography service is top notch and we have gained a reputation for excellence from the quality of our work. To start we guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

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Thank You Cards
Thank You Cards
We design a wide range of thank you card covers, including: Wedding, Humorous, Romantic, and Sentimental.

This card can be sent via-mail or as an e-card, and it's easy as 1-2-3.
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