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What is digital album
Geoton Photo offers an ultra-modern, picturesque way of displaying your most intimate and treasured wedding moments through our Flush Style Leather Album.

This Album can tell your story through your eyes. It is the new alternative to the traditional photo album because it transforms those same photos into a sophisticated, mosaic storybook.

We offer wedding albums that come with an elegant hardback cover and materializes with the insides of a luxurious magazine.

A picture paints a thousand words, but this Album paints a mural of endless beauty, inspiration, and perfection. Anyone who sees it will be mesmerized from the awe-inspiring events that made up your very special wedding day.

Geoton Photo delivers this Album to you in showcasing high-quality, hand-picked photographic images, enhanced with elaborate, artistic layouts and backgrounds. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to produce a piece of flawless art that can be customized to meet all your expectations.

Our Flush Style Leather Album is an everlasting gift, a gift of art & beauty, a gift of vowed promises, a gift of memories that will last for generations, and a gift of a love story...

Designing Digital Album
GEOTON Photo is proud to be one of the few companies that design Flush mount albums (Storybooks).

This spectacular album is like no other. Each album is individually designed and crafted by our artists, who digitally enhance your images then have them printed directly on to the pages of these superbly bound books.

In our opinion the quality and artistry of graphics in Storybooks, leave all other albums decades behind.

Your wedding is unique and there is simply no finer way of displaying its special qualities than in the Storybook.

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GEOTON Photo offers the bride whatever level of communication she wants.
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