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Sample Designs
Layout Models
Director: The most elaborate and innovative layout, creates in print an should be almost movie like story of the day.

Studio: A mix of water color effects merged with your images creating an elegant stylization of the work.

Reportage: A contemporary collection with multiple sizes, designed for a larger number of photo's where classical, detailed and casual pictures are used.

Design: Soft blended backgrounds and multiple image sequences.

Panorama: A simple but elegant layout without any graphical effects. Full page images and two-page panoramas are enhanced with multiple image per page for a traditional but stylish look.

Portfolio: This new book in black and white is printed on metal photographic paper and has the purpose to collect all the most beautiful and romantic shots of bride and groom. It is available starting from a small number of images (20 or even less) and is a great souvenir to combine with a 30x40 or 25x35 book.

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