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Photographers - George Levchenko

George Levchenko

George blends modern digital technology, fine art photography, traditional and candid (photojournalistic) styles.

With Master's degree of Arts from Kiev Institute of Technology, Ukraine, George started his career as a fashion designer. Along with designing cloth for fashion companies in Kiev, Chicago and New York, he directed and managed photo shots for fashion companies' catalogues.

Creativity and passion is what drives his desire to deliver photography in the art form of the highest quality.

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Photographers - Tony Lam

Tony Lam

Tony is a graduate from the distinguished California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Before even starting his career in photography, he understood the importance of personal detail in documenting the most memorable life experiences, learning different foreign ceremonies, receptions and protocols.

Above all, by valuing your emotions and sharing your joy, Tony connects with you in a way that transcends its unique photographic style.

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Photographers - Darren Miller

Darren Miller

Darren brings over ten years of diverse experience as a photographer as well as his experience as a professional performer to every shoot. Whether there is a process of making personal or professional images, it is his goal to anticipate each coming moment, to flow-with, to orchestrate, to encourage and to record the luminance of your unfolding experience.

Darren believes that a positive relationship with his client is the most important pre-condition for successful work. He aims to create a collaborative and enthusiastic environment where the creation of imagery is supportive, fun and full of expression.

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Photographers - Arleen Thomas

Arleen Thomas

Arleen’s perspective on real life events has been cultivated by her travels throughout the world. She has ventured to more than 20 countries and has refined her artistic eye in capturing the beauty of the indigenous people and the country’s landscapes.

Arleen is a member of the Northern California Professional Photographers (NCPP) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Her work has also been published in magazines and newsletters.

She recently received title as a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP).

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Photographers - Chris McGuire

Chris McGuire

As a graduate of the University of Southern California, Chris believes that knowing his clients is paramount to the ability to capture their special moments. By delving into the emotion of your special day, he can find those tender moments and subtle glances that tell your story.

One of Chris' goals is to become invisible to his clients by creating an atmosphere of complete comfort. When this happens, people can act like themselves and beautiful images are the result.

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Photographers - Jon Vu

Jon Vu

Jon's vision is simple, to capture one of a kind images that tell the story of love, the story that is your special day. With a blend of stylish portraits and heartfelt candids, it's his wish to provide you with tangible memories that will last you and your loved ones a lifetime.

It is a sense of great satisfaction to be gained when Jon is able to witness a connection between people and capture those feelings with a photograph.

Some of the most beautiful moments are spontaneous and unrehearsed. With a relaxed and upbeat approach his mission is to create an atmosphere that will bring out the beauty, while retaining the dignity of your wedding day.

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Assistent Photographer - Kristina Levchenko

Kristina Levchenko - Assistant photographer

Kristina started as an assistant photographer a little more then a year ago. A quick learner, she is confident with most lighting equipment and works with film and digital.

She has a great love for photography and has been helping us on all weddings for the past year.

She is outgoing, personable and a delight to be around. We are excited to have her on our team!

To see some of Kristina's photos, click here

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