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About Us

About Geoton Photo, George Levchenko

Seamlessly blending modern digital technology, fine art photography, traditional and photojournalistic styles,
George Levchenko and his early partner and long time friend, Tony Lam started photography business and open their studio: GEOTON Photo.

As a photographer, George was first influenced by his father, who was an amateur photographer, shooting, developing and printing his photographs in a little home-made dark room. "My father taught me a little about composition, some about light and exposure, but most of all, how to create a story in a single photograph. He used to say: 'Give me a puddle and a dirty car - I will make a photo reportage about a hurricane in the region.'"

Years later George found a quote by Anais Nin, a French author: "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are", which only re-enforced his father's words and all his artistic life George not just saw, he created thing differently.

With Master's degree of Arts from Kiev Institute of Technology, Ukraine, George started his career as a Fashion designer. Along with designing clothes for fashion companies, first, in Kiev then in Chicago and New York, he worked with many professional photographers on variety of companies' catalogues, learning about posing, lights and other things that in the future helped him understand the importance of personal detail in documenting the most memorable life experiences, learning different foreign ceremonies, receptions and protocols.

As a founder, George has a great deal of experience in the fields of digital media productions including both photo and video.

Creativity and passion is what drives Geoton's desire to deliver photography in the art form of the highest quality.

Above all, by valuing your emotions and sharing your joy, Geoton Photo connects with you in a way that transcends its unique photographic style.

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