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George's Blog

George's Blog

Thank you for visiting Geoton Photo website and my blog that I think of more as an online Diary. My name is George Levchenko; I am a founder of Geoton Photo Inc. and one of Geoton photographers. We are based in San Ramon, California and have an amazing career of photographing weddings in our home-state California, across the nation as well as traveling the world.

We're so fortunate to have a great group of friends and past clients that are constantly referring us. We're already one third of the way booked up for next year! This time last year we weren't even close to that, but with our blog and great word-of-mouth, things have been picking up much faster. I hope you find this section of our website fun and informative as I plan to update this page on a regular basis.

Take us to your world; we'll memorize it for you.

Cathi and Huy, Engagement Photo Session - Stanford Univercity

Originally we planned to do this photo shoot in Japanese Friendship Garden. I love that place with cute little bridges, swans and simply amazing landscaping. But it wasn't our luck, the park was closed for restoration… Plan B - Stanford University campus. It was Saturday and the campus was full of weddings couples and other visitors and still, we managed to make an illusion that there are only these two people in the whole world - Cathi and Huy. Sometimes the couples aren't into playing along and would rather stick to the simple posing. But after taking first set of photos Cathi and Huy were totally willing to play along with me! Here are a few shots...

Dolly and Alex, family photo session - San Ramon, CA

Back to work. Dolly and Alex wanted to do their family portrait for about a year, planning to use as many pictures as possible to finish decorating their wonderful house. Two times we scheduled this photo session, two times we had to cancel and reschedule it. And… we did it.

A few shots in the house... I started with posing Mark, adding his wife, Lola, then their grand daughter, then Dolly and Alex. The last one, was absolutely adorable dog that would not stop barking until he got to the picture. Then a few shots on the back yard...

Then four of us went to the beautiful Blackhawk Plaza in Danville, CA...

Traveling this summer - India, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium

I knew it would be in the middle of a busy wedding season and yet, after dreaming about it for so long, my wife and I have decided! Just the two us, we spent three days in UAE, three days in India, almost a week in Germany - Dusseldorf, Aachen, Cologne, Bacharach and Trier, three days in Paris, one day in Luxembourg and - grand finale - Brugge, Belgium - the most romantic place on Earth!

Here are just a few photos from the trip, enjoy...

Aachen, Germany

Aachen Cathedral (Kaiserdom)

On the streets of Aachen. Don't you love this tourist with the camera?

Somewhere in Holland. Honestly, I don't remember which town these shots were taken in...

With my sister, she joined us for a few days.

Bacharach, Germany. Below is the hotel we stayed at...

I didn't have my tripod with me, so all those self shots had to be done mounting my camera somewhere that not just hold it safe and steady but also have the right angle. Sometimes it worked :)

Trier. These arches, which look onto the courtyard, were simply stunning! The texture of the stone with which they were built and the way they captured any available light in sections of their makeup to contrast against the shadowy areas which couldn't get their hands on the sunlight.
I could not ask for better lighting...

Trier Dom - inside the courtyard.

Paris, France. There are so many awesome photos of Paris out there... here are a few of mine.

Bruges, Belgium. Some say it's the most romantic place on Earth. I am not sure about "the most" but Bruges is simply beautiful and welcoming! Loved it!

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is rather like an independent city-state, and is probably the most modern and progressive emirate in the U.A.E.

We've heard the almost perfect weather in Dubai is between October and April. The temperature hovers around 80 degrees F and there's rarely a cloud in the sky. Of course we went there in middle of summer and it was not as welcoming. I believe temperatures routinely exceed 120 degrees F and humidity soared up to 100% (trust me!).

The Souk Madinat Jumeirah Hotel boasts its own waterway to transfer people from its shops, bars and restaurants to the neighboring clutch of hotels...

Bangalore, India...

Joseph - security guard at our hotel, was very proud of his uniform!

Mark and Christina - Portola Valley, CA

Yes, the busy season is here for sure!! I had another wonderful wedding last weekend as Mark and Christina got married at Portola Valley, CA. It was my first time working at the Valley Presbyterian Church and I must say that ceremony was beautiful and Mark and Christina are awesome to work with!

I started at Daly City taking photos of Christina getting ready. Jon went to Millbrae to shoot Mark's preparation. After the Tea ceremony we went to Stanford University for about an hour and to the church.

Mark and Christina looked AMAZING and their friends and family were a ton of fun to be around! Here are a few highlights from Jon and I...

FusionStorm Golf Tournament 2009 - Livermore, CA

When wedding season is in full motion unfortunately there is almost no time to update this page. So I thought I post some of my recent photos from different events that I recently covered.

Golf photography helps me to present myself in the different light, and I am not talking about photography; it adds value to my relationships with customers and goes way beyond the pretty pictures. And I just love to be out there!!!

Shehnai 2009 - Asian Western Wedding Show
Santa Clara Convention Center

It was the largest, most unique and creative Asian Western Wedding Show in Bay Area. Beautiful Show, gorgeous models, amazing designs and much more. I have had a great time in my booth talking with future brides and their perents, and also sneaking out closer to the podium during the show...

Christina and Mark - San Francisco, CA

Finally! Finally endless construction in The Palace of Fine Arts is over... I had a great time photographing Christina and Mark the other day! They even brought Perl, their really cute dog along for a few shots as well! Great couple and very photogenic; I can’t wait for the wedding next month! Here are a few shots from the session...

Tony and Van - San Francisco, CA

I had a fun time photographing Tony and Van in Vietnam almost a ago (you can see some photos from that trip on my earlier blog). It was an amazing trip as well as a great experience, shooting wedding in Vietnam. Tony and Van are a great looking couple, very happy and photogenic. So we did it again yesterday. This time on the Baker Beach in San Francisco. Tony and Van wanted to do similar shots with Golden Gate Bridge on the background. Poor Van, she was cold as November here is very different from November in Nha Trang...

Mr. and Mrs. Wong - San Francisco, CA

For Daisy and Vinh autumn has finally arrived - they got married last weekend. Traditional Chinese wedding started with tea ceremony at Daisy's house and continued at Vinh’s...

After a short lunch break we were about to leave for our first photo session at Union Square as we found out that traffic was shot down due to a women’s marathon. They said an estimated 20,000 women would be running through San Francisco's streets last Saturday as part of the annual Nike Women's Marathon, the proceeds of which support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We had to change our planned location and decided to go to Palace of the Legion.

Sofitel Hotel of Redwood Shores was our final destination. Beautiful set up outside the hotel, near the water was really beautiful. Ceremony, cocktail hour then reception was absolutely amazing. Daisy and Vinh went to Fiji Island right after that. I wish them all the best.

Sarah McHugh and Pedro DeRose - Allerton Park, Monticello, IL

Sarah and Pedro are the best. Talking about a fun wedding, that was it. Smallest wedding I have ever shot and yet one of my favorites. 150 miles drive from Chicago’s O’Hair to Champaign, then Monticello and you will find an amazing Robert Allerton Park. Ideal for the elegant and intimate ceremony, it offed us extraordinary setting unlike any other. Beautiful formal gardens, sculptures, and natural areas with breathtaking views and a majestic, century-old, Georgian-style Allerton Mansion was a perfect place for Sarah and Pedro's wedding ceremony.

Both were so much in love. I wish them the very best and awesome honey moon in New Zealand. Here are some of my favorites from last weekends wedding.

Allerton Park, Monticello, IL

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